Day before Valentine’s Day

Friend 1: – Have you written your Valentines?

Friend 2: – Yes! They’re all done. Have you?

Friend 1: – No, I need to buy more cards.

Friend 2: – Are you going to give candy?

Friend 1: – I want to, but mom won’t let me. Are you?

Friend 2: – Yeah, I’m going to give a card and a Hershey’s kiss.

Friend 1: – Well, I got to go so I can get my cards ready for tomorrow.

Friend 2: – See you tomorrow, bye!

Friend 1: – Bye!

Valentine’s Day

Teacher: – Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Class: – Happy Valentine’s Day Mrs. Bladh.

Teacher: – Hope you all brought Valentine’s for everyone. Let’s start passing them out.

Student 1: – Wow, we got lots of candy this year. I love these hearts, they’re so good.

Student 2: – Did you get a special Valentine from anyone?

Student 1: – No, did you?

Student 2: – Yes, from Holly/Ryan. She/He asked me to be her/his Valentine.

Student 1: – Are you going to say yes?

Student 2: – I think so, she’s/he’s cute and nice.

Student 1: – Then go tell her/him!

Teacher: – Ok, class. Gather your Valentine’s and put them in your bags. I brought cupcakes.

Class: – Yeah!!!