Dialog 1

Friend 1: – Hey, [name of friend 2].

Friend 2: – Hi, [name of friend 1]. I’ve missed you!

Friend 1: – I’ve missed you too! How was your trip?

Friend 2: – It was great, I had so much fun.

Friend 1: – What did you do?

Friend 2: – I was in [country] with my cousins. We snorkeled, we were at the pool and we played a lot of different sports. I’m great at [sport] now;-).

Friend 1: – Sounds nice. I’m glad you’re back!

Friend 2: – It was fun, but it’s nice to be home.

Dialog 2

Friend 1: – [name of friend 2], what did you do this summer?

Friend 2: – Nothing special. I was mostly at the pool. I also helped my dad at work, so I earned some money. What did you do?

Friend 1: – We always go to my grandparents’ beach house every summer.

Friend 2: – Where is it?

Friend 1: – It’s in [city]. I love it, it’s so beautiful.

Friend 2: – How long were you there?

Friend 1: – We were there a month.

Friend 2: – Vacation at the beach, that sounds amazing. I’m a little jealous.

Friend 1: – It’s great, I’m lucky that I get to do that every summer.

Dialog 3

Friend 1: – Are you ready to go back to school tomorrow?

Friend 2: – I guess. Are you?

Friend 1: – Yeah, it’s been a fun summer so I’m ready.

Friend 2: – It will be fun to see everyone again.

Friend 1: – Yeah, and to have Mrs. [last name of teacher] this year.

Friend 2: – Yeah, she’s supposed to be a good teacher.

Friend 1: – My sister had her 2 years ago, she really liked Mrs. [last name].

Friend 2: – We’ll have a great year, let’s make it the best one yet!

Dialog 4

Mom: – Do you have everything ready for school tomorrow?

Child: – Yes!

Mom: – Have you packed your bag?

Child: – Yes, mom. I have!

Mom: – Are you sure? Because all your school supplies are here on the kitchen table.

Child: – I was just going to get them and put them in my back pack.

Mom: – Remember that you start middle school this year, that means you pack your own lunch.

Child: – I know, mom. You’ve already said that like a thousand times.

Mom: – I know, I just want to make sure you’re ready. You are going to have to get up earlier every morning.

Child: – Mom, I’m ready!