American: – What’s the weather like in Sweden right now?

Swede: – It depends on where you are. In the north, it’s cold and snowy. In the south, it’s cold and rainy.

American: – How is it on the coast?

Swede: – On the west coast the weather is cold, damp and windy. It’s about the same on the east coast, but they get a bit more snow and it’s not as windy.

American: – When does it start to get warmer?

Swede: – In Spring, which starts around March/April.

American: – Does it ever get hot?

Swede: – Yes, we can get some hot days during the summer. Which is nice!

American: – Is Fall beautiful in Sweden?

Swede: – Usually, the leaves change colors and the air gets cooler. We’ve had some nice weather the past few Falls. It’s been really sunny.

American: – I’ve heard it never gets dark in the summer, is that true?

Swede: – Yes, in the north it doesn’t get dark, but in the south it gets a little dark a few hours during the night.

American: – That’s so cool!