At the souvenir shop

Dad: -Ok, kids. You can both choose one souvenir each from this store.

Kid 1: – But, what if I find two things I want?

Dad: – Then you’ll have to choose one of them.

Kid 1: – But Dad!

Dad: – No buts, now go see if there’s anything you’d like to have.

Kid 2: – Look dad, I’ve found a miniature model of Big Ben.

Dad: – That’s cute. Do you want it?

Kid 2: -I don’t know yet, I want to look some more.

Kid 1: – Dad, I want to buy this red double decker.

Dad: -What a great choice! You loved riding on one yesterday.

Kid 2: – I want one too!

Dad: – Well, go get one.

Kid 1 & 2: – Thanks dad!!!

Dad: – You’re welcome, I’m happy you found such great souvenirs from London.

London Eye

Mom: – Kids, today we are going to ride the London Eye.

Kids: – Yay!

Kid 1: – I can’t wait.

Kid 2: – It looks scary, I don’t know if I want to go on it.

Dad: – It will be fine, the view is supposed to be amazing.

Mom: – Have we booked the tickets?

Dad: – Yes, I bought fast track tickets online.

Mom: – Great, how much did the tickets cost?

Dad: – £27.95 per ticket.

Kid 1: – That’s a lot of money.

Kid 2: – What time are we going?

Dad: – We need to be there 30 minutes early. There will be a lot of people waiting to get on.

Mom: – So, we’re leaving the hotel in about an hour.

Hop-on Hop-off

Child: – Mom, can we take one of those red double decker buses?

Mom: – Do you mean the Hop-on and Hop-off buses?

Child: – Yes, they look like a lot of fun.

Mom: – Sure, what a great idea. Let’s stop at one of their booths and buy tickets.

At the ticket booth

Ticket booth attendant: Hello mam, how can I help you?

Mom: – Hi, I’d like two tickets for the Hop-on Hop-off tour.

Ticket booth attendant: – What tour would you like? We have the West End Loop or the Tower Loop.

Mom: – We’d like the West End Loop.

Child: – Mom, does it go passed the palace? I want to see the palace.

Mom: – Yes sweetie, it does.

Ticket booth attendant: – Great choice, it’s a wonderful tour. So, one child and one adult, that will be £19.

Mom: – Here you go.

Ticket booth attendant: – Here’s a map and enjoy your day!

Child: – Thank you!

Madame Tussauds

Dad: – Hi, I’d like tickets for 2 adults and 2 children.

Cashier: – How old are your children?

Dad: – 10 and 12.

Cashier: – Ok, the ticket price for an adult is £35 and for a child £29.50. So that comes to £129.

Dad: – Do you take American Express?

Cashier: – No, sorry. We only take Visa and Mastercard.

Dad: – Ok, I’ll pay with cash instead. Here you go.

Cashier: – Thank you, here’s your change.

Dad: – Thanks!

Cashier: – Enjoy your visit at Madame Tussauds.


Dad: – Honey, should we take a taxi to the show tonight?

Mom: – That sounds like a great idea, it’s pouring outside. The kids won’t want to take the Subway in this weather.

Dad: – You mean the Tube, we’re in London!

Later in the taxi

Taxi driver: – Hello, where can I take you this evening?

Dad: – We’re taking the kids to see the musical Aladdin at Prince Edwards Theatre.

Taxi driver: – Oh, that is a beautiful theatre in the West End.

Dad: – How long will it take to get there?

Taxi Driver: – About 15 minutes.

Dad: – Great!

Taxi Driver: – Here we are. The theatre is to your right. I’m going to turn the car around so you can get out without getting too wet on your way in.

Dad: – Thank you, that’s very nice of you.

Taxi Driver: – £12 please.

Dad: – Here you go, keep the change.

Taxi Driver: – Thank you, sir. Have a nice evening with your family.