Dialog 1 – Christmas Day

Ellie: – Mom, dad, wake up! It’s Christmas morning! Wake up!

Mom: – Merry Christmas sweetheart.

Dad: – Go wake your sister and we’ll meet you downstairs. Don’t open anything!

Ellie runs into her sister’s room.

Ellie: – Merry Christmas Molly! Get up, we’re meeting mom and dad downstairs.

Molly: – Hey Ellie, Happy Christmas!

The girls run down to the living room where the stockings are hung by the chimney and the big colorful Christmas tree is standing by the window.

Ellie: – Look, the stockings are full and look at all the presents under the tree!!!

Molly: – I know! Mom, dad hurry up!

The parents come down and when they see their daughters’ joy they get warm wonderful feelings of happiness.

Dad: – I just want to put on a pot of coffee.

Molly and Ellie: – No!!!

Ellie: – We want to open presents first.

Mom: – Ok, but I’m first.

Dad: – But, who brought all these gifts? Did you guys hear Santa and his reindeer last night?

Mom: – I think I heard something on the roof late last night when all of you had fallen asleep.

Molly: – Come on you guys, we know it’s you.

Dad: – It wasn’t us. I heard someone say in the night “Ho, Ho, Ho”.

Ellie: – Come on, stop fooling around, let’s open the presents.

Dialog 2

Mom: – Who wants to come with me to the store and get things for Christmas?

Ellie: – I do!

Molly: – Are you getting decorations or are you buying food too?

Mom: – I’m buying food as well.

Molly: – Can you buy eggs so we can make eggnog tonight? Oh, and candy canes and flour, so we can make sugar cookies. I love decorating them.

Mom: – Come with us, then you can get what you want. Let’s make a list before we go, otherwise we’ll forget something.

Ellie: – I ‘ll write it. What do we need?

Mom: – Turkey, potatoes, beans, cranberries, apple cider, chestnuts, sweet potatoes, walnuts, butter, sugar, flour, candy canes, bread rolls, milk, sprinkles, chocolate morsels for hot chocolate and fruit cake.

Ellie: – That was just food. I want to buy decorations for the house and for the Christmas tree.

Molly: – We need tinsel and some new, fun ornaments for the tree.

Ellie: – Mom, can we get some new Christmas trinkets to put up around the house?

Mom: – Sure, but just a couple. We already have a lot.

Molly: – We need to buy a stocking for Charlie.

Mom: – Does the cat really need a stocking?

Ellie & Molly: – Yes!!!

Ellie: – I saw that the neighbors have a new inflatable reindeer on their lawn. Can we get one too?

Mom: – No, I think they’re tacky.

Molly: – Please, mom. They’re so fun.

Ellie: -Please!!!

Mom: – Ok, but just a small one.  Are we ready? Let’s go.