Dialog 1

Child: – Mom, tomorrow’s Thanksgiving. We’re off school! 

Mom: – Yes, I know. Do you know why we celebrate Thanksgiving?

Child: – So we can be thankful.

Mom: – That’s why we celebrate it, but a long time ago, people celebrated Thanksgiving because they were thankful for the harvest.

Child: – What do you mean, harvest? What’s that?

Mom: – You know how farmers grow fruits and vegetables?

Child: – Yeah?

Mom: – Well a harvest is when all of those fruits and vegetables are ready for picking and eating. People, we call Pilgrims, gathered and had a feast. They were thankful for their food.

Child: – Pilgrims, my teacher told a story about them in school today.

Mom: – Did you like the story?

Child: -Yeah, but I didn’t think it was real.

Mom: – Do you want to help me get things ready for tomorrow?

Child: – Yes!

Dialog 2

Husband: – Honey, who’s coming to celebrate Thanksgiving?

Wife: – Both our parents and your brother’s family.

Husband: – Is it ok that we invite the Bladhs? They have no family here.

Wife: – Of course, what a great idea! The kids will be thrilled. They like playing with Lucas and Nellie.

Husband: – I thought it would be fun for them to experience an American holiday.

Wife: – Tell them to be here around 3 pm so they can watch the game with us.

Husband: – Great, I’ll call them right now.

Dialog 3

Wife: – When you go to the grocery store don’t forget to buy everything for Thanksgiving dinner.

Husband: – I’ve got turkey, sweet potatoes, potatoes, green beans, marshmallows, walnuts and pumpkin on my list.

Wife: – Don’t forget cranberries for the cranberry sauce and cream so I can make gravy. Oh, and also bread for the stuffing.

Husband: – That sounds so good, I can’t wait for Thanksgiving.

Wife: – I know, it’s my favourite meal of the year.