Dialog 1

Cashier: – Hi, what can I get for you today?

Customer: – I’d like a tall latté and a blueberry muffin.

Cashier: – Would you like any flavoring in your latté?

Customer: – No, thank you.

Cashier: – Can I get you anything else?

Customer: -Yes, my daughter would like a hot chocolate with whipped cream and a sugar cookie, please.

Cashier: – Can I get your name with that order?

Customer: – [name]

Cashier: – Ok, that will be $8.50, please.

Customer: – Here you go.

Cashier: – Out of ten, here’s $1.50 back. You can wait at the counter and your drinks will be ready in a minute.

Customer: – Thank you!

Dialog 2

Fast food attendant: – Hi, welcome to [name of restaurant]. What can I get for you today?

Customer: – A bacon cheeseburger with medium fries and a large coke, a chicken caesar salad with a large ice tea and two grilled cheese with potato chips and two small lemonades.

Fast food attendant: – Great, Here are your cups, you can get your drinks over there.

Customer: – Thank you.

Fast food attendant: – That will be $15, please.

Customer: – Here you go.

Fast food attendant: – Thanks, have a good one!

Customer: – Thanks, you too.

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Dialog 3

Waitress: – Hi, welcome to [name of restaurant]. My name is Kelly and I’ll be your waitress this evening.

Family: – Hi!

Waitress: – Here are the menus. Can I start you off with some drinks?

Dad: – Yes, please. I´ll have a glass of sparkling water.

Mom: – I´ll have a diet Coke.

Girl: – I want a Fanta orange.

Boy: – I would like a Sprite.

Dad: – We would like to start off with some garlic bread, please.

Waitress: – Great, I’ll be right back with your drinks and then take your order.

A few minutes pass

Waitress: – Are you ready to order or do you need a few more minutes?

Dad: – We’re ready to order. I´ll have the t-bone steak with asparagus and a sweet baked potato.

Mom: – I would like the grilled shrimp also with asparagus and a side salad with ranch dressing.

Boy: – I´d like a cheeseburger with French fries.

Girl: – I want a baked potato fully loaded, please.

Waitress: Great, I’ll go put your order in. Would you like some bread before dinner?

Family: – Yes, please, thank you!

Fifteen minutes later

Waitress: – Here`s your food. I hope you will like it. ENJOY!

Mom: – It looks great, thank you!

Twenty minutes later

Waitress: – Did you enjoy your food?

Dad: – Yes, it was very good.

Waitress: – Would you like to see the dessert menu?

Boy: – We already know what we´d like. I`ll have the chocolate fudge sundae.

Girl: – I´d like a brownie with vanilla ice-cream.

Dad: – I`ll have the Key Lime pie.

Mom: – I would like the cheesecake.

Ten minutes later

Waitress: – Here are your desserts.

Dad: – They look yummy. Thank you!

Dad: – Miss, may we have the check, please?

Waitress: – Certainly, I´ll be right back.

Waitress: Here´s the check. Thank you for dining with us this evening. Have a nice night!

Family: Bye, thank you!