Dialog 1 – At the Check-in desk

Check-in attendant: – Hi, your passports please.

Passenger: – Hi, here you go.

Check-in attendant: – Where are you traveling to?

Passenger: – Gothenburg, going through London.

Check-in attendant: – How many bags are you checking in?

Passenger: – Four.

Check-in attendant: – Put them one at a time on the scale, please. … Here are your tickets. Your flight leaves from gate 12. Enjoy your flight!

Passenger: Thank you.

Dialog 2 – At security

Security officer: – Are you a family?

Passenger: – Yes.

Security officer: Ok, come over here to this line.

Security officer: – Take your shoes off, put them in the bin. Any lap-tops or Ipads in your bags, take them out and place them in a bin. Any liquids will not be allowed passed this area.

Passenger: – Do my children need to take their shoes off?

Security officer: – No, they can keep them on.

Passenger: – Ok.

Security officer: – Next, please.

Här kan du lyssna på en inläsning av dialogen av Ian Hall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gom5jS3sOpo

Dialog 3 – Boarding

Flight attendant: – Welcome aboard. What seats are you in?

Passenger: – 15 A, B, C and D

Flight attendant: – Take the right aisle.

Passenger: – Thanks!

After take–off

Flight attendant: – Would you like anything to drink?

Passenger: – Yes, a coke and a fanta for my kids and I´ll have a ginger ale.

Flight attendant: – Would you like some ice?

Passenger: Yes, please. Do you have any snacks?

Flight attendant: – We have chips and some cookies.

Passenger: – Ok, we`d like a bag of chips and two bags of cookies.

Flight attendant: – Here you go.

Passenger: – Thank you.

Här kan du lyssna på en inläsning av dialogen av Ian Hall: https://youtu.be/MLjj5suvvZw