Dialog 1

Nurse: – [name of patient]

Patient: – Hi!

Nurse: – Hi, come this way. You can take your shoes off and step on the scale. Great, thanks.

How tall are you?

Patient: – I´m [height].

Nurse: – Ok, take a seat and I´m going to measure your blood pressure. Can you roll up your sleeve?

Patient: – Sure.

Nurse: – Let´s take you to an examination room. What do you need us to take a look at?

Patient: – I´ve had a really bad cold with a sore throat and fever for more than a week now.

Nurse: – Ok, let me take your temperature and take a sample from your throat to see if you have got strep throat. Can you open your mouth, a little wider, please? Ok, so the doctor will be with you when we get the results back. You can wait here. There are some magazines you can read while you´re waiting.

Patient: – Thank you.

10 minutes pass, the doctor knocks on the door.

Doctor: – Hello, I´m Dr. [name]. I´ve got your results and it looks like you have strep.

Patient: – Ok.

Doctor: – I´ll give you a prescription. Take the medicine 3 times a day with a meal for 7 days. Where do you want to get your medicine, what pharmacy?

Patient: – At Kroger on South Main.

Doctor: – Ok, I just sent the prescription. If you don´t feel better in a week, come back and we´ll take another look.

Patient: – Thank you Dr. [name]

Dialog 2

Parent: – Hi, during my sons basketball game he twisted his ankle. We need a doctor to look at it.

Nurse: – Ok, you need to fill out these forms and have a seat. I´ll let you know when the doctor is ready to see you.

Parent: – [name of son], sit here. I’m just going to fill out these forms. Would you like something?

Son: – Some water, please.

Parent: – Here you go. Put your leg up on this chair. I’ll be right back.

Parent fills out forms and about 15 minutes pass.

Nurse: – The doctor will see you now. Come this way.

Parent: – Great!

Doctor: – Hi, I’m Dr. [name]. So you twisted your ankle during your game.

Son/patient: – Yeah, I jumped up to get a rebound and when I landed I twisted my ankle.

Doctor: – Ok, let’s take a look. Yeah, it has swollen up a bit. I´m going to twist it very carefully to make sure it´s not broken. This will hurt a little, but I´ll be quick.

Son/patient: – Ow, ow, ow

Doctor: – Ok, so nothing’s broken, but it is severely strained. I want you to ice it three times a day and keep your foot elevated. We’ll give you crutches. Use them for a week, but after that start putting pressure on your foot.

Son/Patient: – When can I start to practice again?

Doctor: – In two to three weeks.

Parent: – Ok, thank you Dr. [name].


Dialog 3

Doctor knocks on the door and opens it.

Doctor: – Hi, I’m Dr. [name].

Mom: – Hi, I’m [name] and this is my daughter [name]. She has this rash on her arm.

Doctor: – Hi [name of daughter]. I´m going to take a look at your arm.

Daughter:  – Ok.

Doctor: – It looks like poison ivy. Have you been in the woods?

Daughter: – Yes, I was on a field trip with my school today. After lunch we played in the woods.

Doctor: – That must have been fun. I´m going to give you a cream to put on it. Do this in the morning and in the evening. Try not to scratch it.

Mom: – I thought it might be poison ivy, but I wasn’t sure. Thank you, doctor.

Doctor: – No problem. Take care!

Daughter: – Thank you, bye!


Dialog 4

In the ER

Patient: – I cut my thumb really bad when I was cooking. I think I need stitches.

Nurse: – Here, let me see. Yes, you definitely need to have some stitches. Here put this on and hold it tight.

Patient: – Ok.

Nurse: – Ok, let me put some numbing cream on. Let that sit for a while. I’ll be right back. Keep putting pressure on it.

Nurse comes back.

Nurse: – Ok, are you ready?

Patient: – Yeah.

Nurse: – This won’t take long, just try to be as still as you can.

Patient: – Will it hurt?

Nurse: – No, you won’t feel a thing. Ok, you’re done.

Patient: – Wow that was fast.

Nurse: – In a week go to your doctor´s office and they’ll have a look at it and take the stitches out.

Patient: – Ok, thank you. Bye!

Nurse: – You’re welcome, bye!