Dialog 1

Person 1: – Hello!

Person 2: – Hi [name person 1], it´s [name person 2]. How are you?

Person 1: – Hey [name person 2], I´m good.

Person 2: – Do you want to do something?

Person 1: – Yeah, sure. What do you want to do?

Person 2: – I was thinking that we could go to the park.

Person 1: – That would be fun. Let´s meet in an half hour.

Person 2: – Fun! See you soon.

Person 1: – Ok, bye.

Person 2: – Bye!

Dialog 2

Mom: – Hello!

Child: Mom, can I play with [name of friend]?

Mom: – Hi [name of child], do you mean right now?

Child: – Yeah, we just got out of school and we want to play?

Mom: – Have you talked to [name of friend] parents?

Child: – No, I called you first.

Mom: – Ok, what are you going to do?

Child: – We`re going to play soccer.

Mom: – Ok, be home by six.

Child: – Thanks! Bye!

Mom: – Bye, be safe!

Dialog 3

Restaurant: – Hi, welcome to [name of restaurant]. How can I help you?

Customer: – Hi, I would like to make a reservation for 4 people.

Restaurant: – Sure, when and what time?

Customer: – On Friday and at 7 pm.

Restaurant: Hold on and I´ll check. Ok, can I have your name, please?

Customer: – It´s [name].

Restaurant: – [name of customer], you’re welcome on Friday at 7.

Customer: – Great, thanks! 

Dialog 4

Pizza place guy: – [name of pizza place], what can I get you?

Customer: – Hi, I´d like to order 2 large pizzas. One with just cheese and one with olives and mushrooms.

Pizza place guy: – Ok, so one large cheese pizza and one with olives and mushrooms?

Customer: – Yes.

Pizza place guy: – Do you want it delivered?

Customer: – No, I´ll pick it up.

Pizza place guy: – They`ll be ready in 15 minutes.

Customer: – Ok, thanks, bye!

Pizza place guy: – Bye!

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Dialog 5

Grandchild: – Hello!

Grandparent: – Hi [name of grandchild], how are you?

Grandchild: – Hi, grandpa. How are you?

Grandparent: – I´m looking forward to your visit. I can´t wait to see you.

Grandchild: – Yeah, me too.

Grandparent: – I´m wondering what you`d like for dinner when you’re here?

Grandchild: – Oh, I love your lasagna and your pot roast. Oh, and your spagetti Alfredo.

Grandparent: – Great, then I´ll make those dishes. So, I´ll pick you up after school on Friday.

Grandchild: – Ok, see you Friday grandpa.

Grandparent: – Can´t wait. Bye, [name of grandchild]!

Grandchild: – Bye!

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