Dialog 1

Person 1: – I’m having a Halloween party on Friday. Would you like to come?

Person 2: – Yeah, sounds like fun. What time is it?

Person 1: – It starts at 6pm and there will be food and drinks.

Person 2: – Is it a costume party?

Person 1: – Yes, and the person wearing the best costume will win a prize.

Person 2: – Cool, I need to ask my parents, but I think I can come.

Person 1: – Can you text me tonight, if you can make it?

Person 2: – Yes, I’ll text you later.

Dialog 2

Person 1: – Are you going to Ella’s Halloween party tomorrow?

Person 2: – Yes, I am. Are you?

Person 1: – Yeah. What are you going to dress up as?

Person 2: – Either as a zombie cheerleader or as a witch. I haven’t decided yet.

Person 1: – My mom’s making my costume. I’m going as Count Dracula.

Person 2: – I heard that whoever has the best costume will win an awesome prize.

Person 1: – I know, I heard that too. I think our whole class is going.

Person 2: – It’s gonna to be a lot of fun.

Person 1: – Yeah, I can’t wait.

Person 2: – Me neither, see you tomorrow.

Person 1: – See you tomorrow!


Dialog 3

Dad: – Nellie, are you ready to carve the pumpkin?

Nellie: – Yeah, I’m ready.

Dad: – Have you made a sketch?

Nellie: – Yes, and it’s awesome. This year our pumpkin will be the scariest on the block.

Dad: – Let me see! Wow, it looks amazing.

Nellie: – Can you hand me that marker?

Dad: – Here you go. You can do the drawing and I’ll carve it out.

Nellie: – Ok. It’s going to be hard to draw this on the pumpkin.

Dad: – I know, but you can do it.


Dialog 4

Mom: – What do you want me to buy for Halloween?

Lucas: – Lots of “trick or treat” candy and decorations.

Mom: – What kind of decorations?

Lucas: – We need a new inflatable skeleton for the front yard and a cauldron. The kind where smoke comes out of it.

Mom: – Ok, don’t we need spider webs and plastic spiders for the haunted house?

Lucas: – Yeah and get some fake blood too.

Mom: – I’ll see what I can find at the store. See you in a bit.

Lucas: – Bye!


Dialog 5

Nellie: – Mom, can we go to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins this year?

Mom: – We’re planning on going there on Saturday.

Nellie: – Can Lucas and I have our own pumpkins?

Mom: – Yes, you may. We’ll get a big one for the porch and you two can get smaller ones for your rooms.

Nellie: – When we’re there can we go on the hayride? It was so much fun last year.

Mom: – Of course, we can. I think all of us enjoyed doing that.

Nellie: -Yay!!!