Dialog 1

Person 1: – Excuse me.

Person 2: – Yes?

Person 1: – Do you know the way to the train station?

Person 2: – Sure! Go down to the end of this street. At the end, turn right and then go straight ahead until you see a grocery store. At the store take a left and then you`ll see the train station on the right side.

Person 1: – Ok, so I go down to the end of this street and then take a right. At the grocery store I turn left and then I´ll see the train station?

Person 2: – That´s correct. You won`t miss it.

Person 1: – Thank you, Bye!

Person 2: – Bye!

Dialog 2

Person 1: – Excuse me, where can I find the shoe department?

Person 2: – You`ll have to take the escalator to the second floor. Go pass the children section, the shoe department is just pass the kids clothes.

Person 1: – Ok, thanks for your help.

Person 2: – No, problem. Hope you find what you`re looking for.

Dialog 3

Car driver: – Hi, I’m trying to find the Ocean View Mall.  Do you know how to get there?

Gas station attendant: – Yeah, take a left on to Drake Avenue. Go straight until you see a high school. At the high school, turn right on to Ocean Drive. The mall will be on the left side about a mile after you turn.

Car driver: – Ok, thanks for the directions.

Gas station attendant: – Hope you can find it!