Dialog 1

Theatre attendant: – Hi, how may I help you?

Visitor: – I´d like 2 tickets for [name of a movie].

Theatre attendant: – Ok, that will be $30.

Visitor: – Here you are.

Theatre attendant: – Here are your tickets, enjoy the film.

Visitor: – Thanks!

Tips! Trots att dollartecknet kommer före beloppet så ska ”$30” uttalas ”thirty dollars”.

Dialog 2

Cashier: – Hi, what can I get for you today?

Visitor: – I´ll have a medium pop corn and a soda, please.

Cashier: – What kind of soda?

Visitor: – A Coke, please.

Cashier: – Anything else?

Visitor: – Um, yeah. My friend would like a bag of candy.

Cashier: – Ok, so a medium pop corn, a coke and a bag of candy. That will be $15.

Visitor: – Here you go.

Cashier: 15 out of 20, here`s $5 back.

Visitor: Thank you!