Dialog 1

Person 1: – [name person 2], do you have any brothers or sisters?

Person 2: – Yeah, I have two brothers, Jason and Marcus. What about you, do you have any siblings?

Person 1: – I have a younger sister and an older brother. How old are your brothers?

Person 2: – Jason is 12 and Marcus is 15 years old. How old are your siblings?

Person 1: – Lisa, my younger sister is 6 and Simon, my older brother is also 15. Maybe our brothers know each other.

Person 2: – We´ll have to ask them.

Dialog 2

Person 1: – [name person 2], tell me about your family.

Person 2: – Ok, my mom`s name is Linda and my dad´s name is Peter. I have two older brothers. Simon, is 20 and Lucas is 11.

Person 1: – How old are your parents?

Person 2: – My mom is 40 and my dad is 39.

Person 1: – Do you have any pets?

Person 2: – Yes, I have a kitten. Her name is Charlie, but I would love to have a horse.

Person 1: – Wow, that would be cool to have a horse, but I think a kitten is nice to have.

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